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There were many contributors in writing the CONGEN documentation. Bernie Brooks wrote the sections on Vibrational Analysis, Images, and Coordinate Manipulations. Dave States wrote the sections on the Non-bonded Interactions and Parameter File Development. S. Swaminathan wrote the section on Correlation Functions. I also thank Donna Bassolino for reviewing the entire document and for contributing the code for NMR constraints and all hydrogen topology file searching. Susan Cottingham worked on improvements to the coordinate I/O code, specifically on the Brookhaven Protein Data Bank section. A special thanks is extended to Drs. Juan Luis Pascual-Ahuir, Estanislao Silla and for making the GEPOL algorithms available for use within CONGEN.

Besides the direct contributors, CONGEN has had many supporters over the years. Dr. Edgar Haber provided the research environment where most of the work was done. His interest in macromolecular structure was essential. When support was difficult to obtain, Dr. Haber was always there. Dr. Jiri Novotny is my closest scientific colleague, and together, we have applied CONGEN to many different modeling problems. Many of the program's capabilities resulted from questions he wanted to answer. Jiri has bestowed me with his considerable knowledge about protein structure as well as his experience as a scientist. Professor Guy Montelione was a key collaborator in the development of the NMR constraint code, and Dr. Keith Constantine conceived of the ensemble averaging concept. Professor Martin Karplus was my Ph.D. advisor, and the laboratory that he established was the womb where CONGEN was created. I thank Professor Karplus, Mick Savage from Molecular Solutions Inc., Joyce Brinton and Bristol-Myers Squibb for permitting me to make CONGEN freely available and redistributable. Special gratitude goes to John Mesrobian, Annette Tobia, and Ed Penick for all their legal help over the years with CONGEN. The command processing language was inspired by the GRIPHOS package developed by Professor Jack Heller at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Finally, Richard M. Stallman gave me the inspiration that CONGEN should be free.

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