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21.1 The Analysis READ command

The analysis read command is used to read dynamical average data structures into CONGEN.

21.1.1 Syntax

                       {AVX }
        READ [COMPARE] {AVV } UNIT unit-number
                       {PAX }
                       {PAV }

21.1.2 Function

The READ command is used for reading data structures from a file into the analysis facility. The only data structures which can be read are the averaging data structures which are produced using the ACCUM and COMBINE commands, see Dynamics Analysis. ICAV is the Internal Coordinate AVerages. AVX is the Average X (coordinates). AVV is the AV Velocities. PAX is the Principal Axis X, and PAV is the Principal Axis Velocities. The COMPARE option specifies that the data structures are to be read in the comparison structures; if not specified, the main structures are used. The UNIT operand must be specified and gives the unit number where the data structure should be read.

The format of the files which are written is very simple. All data is in binary. The first few records are consistent with the format used in the rest of CONGEN – a header, control array, and title array. What follows is the data structure with its own control information. For specific details, see the subroutines, READDT and WRITDT.