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25.1 SET — Modify Analysis Facility Variables

25.1.1 Syntax

     SET [INUNIT unit-number] [PRUNIT unit-number]
         [LINESZ integer] [PAGESZ integer]
         [ASURf real] [RH2O real]

25.1.2 Function

INUNIT sets the unit number of the unit where analysis commands are read from. This allows other command files to be read. This command uses the stream switching arrays available in the main part of CONGEN. The file read in must start with a title. To return back to the previous stream, the END command, see Analysis End Command, will suffice or hitting the end of file on the stream. Note that if you return from the stream which was current when the analysis facility starts, you will return back to the main program.

PRUNIT sets the unit number of the outputs of any commands which produce voluminously. PRINT, HISTO, PLOT, 2DPLOT, CORREL, and SEARCH are commands in that class. Initially, INUNIT is 5 and PRUNIT is 6.

LINESZ gives the number of characters on a line for PRUNIT. Various commands have certain minimum limits on the value for LINESZ, and will adjust the value they use accordingly. The upper limit is what the printers can handle. PAGESZ gives the number of lines on a page.

ASURF controls the accuracy of the Lee and Richard's accessible surface algorithm. The default value is 0.05. Smaller values will improve the accuracy at the expense of speed. RH2O specifies the radius of the probe sphere. The default value is 1.4 A. See Atom Properties, for more information.