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This is the documentation for Congen, a conformational search program.

Congen is derived from CHARMM version 16, B. R. Brooks, R. E. Bruccoleri, B. D. Olafson, David J. States, S. Swaminathan, and Martin Karplus. J. Comput. Chem. 4, 187-217 (1983).

If you use CONGEN for research which is published, please cite the following papers:

  1. R. E. Bruccoleri, “Application of Systematic Conformational Search to Protein Modeling”, Molecular Simulations 10, 151-174 (1993).
  2. R. Bruccoleri and M. Karplus, “Prediction of the Folding of Short Polypeptide Segments by Uniform Conformational Sampling”, Biopolymers 26, 137-168 (1987).

If you use CONGEN's molecular mechanics features like minimization and dynamics, please cite the reference above for CHARMM as well.