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19.3 COMBINE Command — Combination of Averages

19.3.1 Syntax

                       { IC }
     COMBINE [COMPARE] {COOR} UNIT unit-number
                       {VEL }

19.3.2 Function

The COMBINE command is used to combine two averages together. One average is within the analysis facility, the other is read from a file. The averages on file are produced by the analysis facility and written there by the WRITE command. The result of the combination replaces the average kept within the facility.

The COMPARE option specifies that the comparison data structure should be used. Otherwise, the main data structures are used.

IC, COOR, or VEL is used to specify which of the three averaging data structures should be used. IC refers to the internal coordinate averages; COOR refers to the average coordinates; and VEL refers to the average velocities.

The UNIT operand specifies what unit the second average is coming from. The average stored in this file must be the same type as the one referred to be the command.