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29.1.2 comparecg — Compare Two Conformation Files

The comparecg command provides a mechanism for comparing two CONGEN conformation files which may have different orders of conformations. It is very useful when comparing results from two CONGEN runs when parallel processing has been enabled. The command takes the two conformation files, generates output from cmploop, see Cmploop, removes the ordinal numbers and summaries from the listing, sorts the files by the energy values, and runs a difference program on the results. This program is available only on Unix machines.

The syntax is

     comparecg [-g] [-f font] [-b|-i|-w|-W|-D] [-N name] cg-file1 cg-file2

The -g option is used to specify which difference program to use. When missing, diff is used. Otherwise, gdiff is used. All the other options are passed to the difference program you select.