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27.4 DRAW Structure Command (Obsolete)

27.4.1 Syntax

     DRAW derivative-factor-spec frame-spec
     derivative-factor-spec ::= [DFACt real] [NOMO]
     frame-spec ::= UNIT integer [DASH real] [FRAMe integer] [RETUrn integer]

27.4.2 Function

The DRAW command (called directly from CONGEN, not to be confused with the DRAW command found under the ANALYSIS command) is useful for displaying small molecules. The output is a command file that can be read by various displaying and plotting programs such as PLT2. This command file can be edited for different types of displaying. In addition to atom positions and bonds, velocity and forces may also be displayed. The current keywords are:

No molecule option (only velocities or derivatives).
Derivative factor. The default is 0.0.
Spacing of dashed line used for hydrogen bonds. The default is .01.
Specifies that a frame tag will be written first. The default is not to specify a frame.
Specifies which stream the plotting program will return to after plotting this section. The default is no change.