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30.3 FCPP — The Fortran C Preprocessor

FCPP is a modified version of the GNU Emacs C Preprocessor. This preprocessor provides all the functionality of the old style C preprocessor as well as #elif and the macros; __LINE__, __DATE__, __FILE__, and __TIME__. In addition, it contains additional features for Fortran code, and it has been ported to the VAX/VMS operating system in addition to other Unix platforms.

It is used on all Flecs code in CONGEN, and is described in greater detail in the fcpp manual page.

Note:, since fcpp is derived from the GNU Emacs C Preprocessor, it is licensed under the GNU Emacs License, which provides for more freedom to redistribute it than is available with CONGEN itself. Please see the license text in the source file, cccp.c, or in your CONGEN license agreement, which incorporates the GNU Emacs License.