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In the event that dials and buttons are not available, keys on the keyboard may be used for those functions. The following set of keys are supported:

Toggle objects 1 through 12, respectively.
<Keypad 0>
Scale down in size if no objects selected.
<Keypad .>
Scale up in size if no objects selected.
<Keypad 2>
Z rotation, 2.9 degrees.
<Keypad 3>
Z rotation, -2.9 degrees.
<Keypad 5>
Y rotation, 2.9 degrees.
<Keypad 6>
Y rotation, -2.9 degrees.
<Keypad 8>
X rotation, 2.9 degrees.
<Keypad 9>
X rotation, -2.9 degrees.
<Left Arrow>
Translate Left.
<Right Arrow>
Translate Right.
<Up Arrow>
Translate Up.
<Down Arrow>
Translate Down.
Exit peer.