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30.5 MKPROTO — Make C Function Prototypes

The program, mkproto, will generate ANSI C function prototypes for all the procedures in a C source file. It is described in greater detail in the mkproto manual page.

In CONGEN, mkproto is used to avoid duplicating all the function definitions when preparing prototypes. Currently, it is used for all C files, except for tree23.c and noproto.c. The file, tree23.c, is not run through mkproto because it is anticipated that it will be released as a separate procedure. The file, noproto.c, is used for procedures for which mkproto doesn't work correctly. Presently, this occurs only with files containing machine dependencies where function definitions require the declaration of structures that are specific to a machine. Any necessary prototypes from this file can be put directly into funct.h.