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17.3.4 Placement of Table Statistics

The PLACE option determines two things - the range of the table over which the collection of data occurs and where the statistics get added. When RESIDUE is specified, the statistics are collected over every residue and the new data is placed in every residue. Therefore, with ALLTAG, the statistics are collected for every data point in each residue. With EACHTAG, data is collected for each tag separately, and statistics for each tag are added to every residue (this particular combination of options is not very desirable.). With named collection, the data is collected for all matched tags in each residue and then added to each residue.

When SEGMENT is specified, the same rules apply as for PLACE'ing in residues except that the collection is over segments and statistical information is placed differently. A new residue is created in every segment. The residue has the name STAT and identifier SEG. All the statistical information for the segment is placed in this residue.

When STRUCTURE is specified, the collection operations occur over the whole table. A new residue is in the last segment of the table whose name is STAT and whose identifier is ALL. The statistics are placed in this residue.

Each of these options may be used in any combination in an add clause, and there is only one minor limitation in combining add clauses in an ADD command. That limitation is that EACHTAG may be specified only once for each possible placement.