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26.1 Sphere Drawing — CPK Style Molecular Graphics

Using a color raster display, it is possible to make solid sphere pictures of a macromolecule as stored in CONGEN. The implementation described here generates an image as an arbitrary size pixel array using up to 256 intensity values for three colors; red, green, and blue. This image is written to a file, and there are several programs for displaying these images. diris may be used for a Silicon Graphics Iris 4D series machine (see Diris), DI340 may be used for an Evans and Sutherland PS340 (see DI340), and DISPIMG and DISPMANY may be used on the Deanza image processor (see DISPIMG and DISPMANY). DI340, DISPIMG, and DISPMANY are written only for VAX/VMS and are specific for the computers at Massachusetts General Hospital.

To use this command, specify SPHERE as a single command to CONGEN. This will enter the SPHERE command parser which will accept the commands described in this chapter.