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17.1.2 Table Classes and the Selection of Tags

The tags and placement of data for each of the classes is given below:

     Class    Property of     Placement       Tags
     BOND     Bond            Use first atom  Tags for atoms separated by
     ANGLE    Angles          Use middle atom As for bonds.
     TORSION  Torsion angles  Use second atom As for bonds.
     IMPROPER Improper        Use first atom  As for bonds.
              torsion angles
     HBOND    Hydrogen bonds  Use donor atom  The tag for the donor
                                              atom is concatenated
                                              with a string giving its
                                              segment id, residue
                                              name, and residue id.
     ATOM     Atom            Itself          See below

The placement gives the atom which is used to determine which residue the data belongs to. The tag for an atom is specified by the third word of the command. If nothing is specified or if IUPAC is specified, the tag for an atom is its IUPAC name as given in the residue topology file. PARM specifies that the atom type name as given in the parameter file should be used.