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30.9 Programming Tools

Presently, there is one tool for assisting in the development of CONGEN besides the language tools described within this section.

The program, autodoc, will collect information on all the entry points in a large Fortran or Flecs program and write them out using several different methods. For each entry point, the program collects the module name if different than the entry name, the file that entry point is in, the definition line of entry point, and the first block of comments which hopefully document the function of the routine. The files to be scanned are specified on the command line, and are written to file whose name is requested from the user when the program executes.

When autodoc is run, it will read the command line for files, and if none are found, it will ask you for files. Then, it will ask for an output file. It will then scan the files, and subsequently, it will ask you if you wish to sort the entry points by name. If not, the output will be in the order the files were read. Then it will ask if you want the short form of the listing. The short form is all the information on each entry except the comments. You will then be presented a list of subroutines which have no comments.