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27.9 Set Warning Level Command — WRNLEV

27.9.1 Syntax

     WRNLEV integer

27.9.2 Function

The WRNLEV command sets the value of the WRNLEV variable in COMMON /TIMER/ to the specified value. At the present (17-Nov-1990) this variable is not widely used. Suggested values for future use:

(default) should print brief warning and error messages for conditions that will affect outcome.
more extensive information on errors and some information on normal partial results and conditions.
verbose error messages and more normal processing information for debugging.
all information that might be relevant to an error condition plus checking results.
4, 5
debugging levels for anything you might conceivably want.
10 or higher
for term by term outputs from energy routines, or other tasks where huge amounts of data useful only in debugging might be generated.