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22.2 HISTO Command — Print a Histogram

22.2.1 Syntax

     HISTO [TWO] [RANGE range] [TITLE string del]

Syntactic-ordering: TWO, if specified, must come first.

22.2.2 Function

The HISTO command will make a printable histogram from the numbers in a selection. TWO specifies that the second selection should be used; it absence indicates that the first selection should be used. If RANGE is not specified, the program will use the minimum and maximum values in the selection as the extents of the histogram, and will use as many lines as will fit on one printed page. If RANGE is specified, the first two numbers give the minimum and maximum extent of the histogram, and the third number gives the number of lines in the histogram. If the third number is less than 2, then the number of lines will be set to fill the page completely. Finally, the TITLE option allows one to specify a title which will appear at the top of the histogram.