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22.3 PLOT Command — Plot Data Against Position or Residue

22.3.1 Syntax

     PLOT [TWO] [ CODE  ] [UNIT unit-number] [TITLE string del]
                [NUMBER ]
          [VERTICAL range] [HORIZ range]

Syntactic ordering: The first two options must come first.

22.3.2 Function

The PLOT command allows one to plot data in a selection against residue number or position number. The plot can go to the printer or an output file may be created which is suitable for the plotting program, PLT2, invoke man plt2 for more information. The residue number is plotted on the y axis (vertically) and data point in plotted on the x axis (horizontally).

The specification of TWO in the command directs that the second selection's data be used; otherwise, the first selection is used. Omitting the next option or specifying RESIDUE causes a plot by residue number to be used. Specifying NUMBER directs that a plot by position number be set up. Specifying CODE says that a plot by residue number plot should be output and that the plot symbols be the one letter amino acid codes for the residues. D amino acids are plotted using lower case letters. The specification of the UNIT option causes the plot data to be output on the specified unit; otherwise, the output goes on the printer. Note that CODE is meaningless when UNIT is specified since the code are not output with the numbers.

The VERTICAL option gives the minimum and maximum labels and number of lines for the vertical axis. If not specified, the range is set up so that each data point gets a line and the labels are set up in reverse order (smaller number on top). If the number of lines is specified as zero, then CONGEN will set it to the maximum number that will fit the page, see Analysis Set Command, for a description of the PAGESZ variable.The HORIZ option gives the minimum and maximum values for the horizontal label as well as the number of columns to be used. The number of columns may be adjusted down to make the plot fit in the available line size (see Analysis Set Command, to change this number.) If the number of columns is specified as a zero, then the number of columns will be set to maximally fill the page. The TITLE option allows one to specify a title to appear at the top of the plot.