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20.6.5 Manipulating the Correlation Functions

The MANCOR option takes the correlation function output from the CORFUN operation and performs the following operations.

Integrates the correlation function along time.
Integrates the square of the correlation function.
Takes the logarithm of the correlation function to see any apparent exponential decay.
Fourier transforms the correlation function to obtain the spectral density.
When specified the latest series determined in MANCOR is considered, there is no-resetting to the original time series determined by CORFUN. This allows to do multiple treatments with MANCOR.
SAVE unit
The correlation time series is saved.
ADD unit
The correlation time series read in file `unit'. is added to the actual correlation time series.
DIV integer
The correlation time series are divided by the specified integer.
Correlations are normalized. Note that CORFUN is equivalent to CORFUN NONORM followed by MANCOR NORM.