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30.12 Making New Versions of CONGEN

This section of the manual is not complete, but is left as a guide for future work on the process of generating new versions.

This section describes the steps in generating a new version of the protein system. It is constantly in flux and should be viewed as a guide.

  1. Make sure the version number and date in opening output of CONGEN.FLX is correct for this new version.
  2. Relink CONGEN if necessary.
  3. Redo a make depend in those directories where it is supported.
  4. Run all the test cases and compare against previous versions.
  5. Recompile the program with optimization, and compare results again.
  6. Rebuild the documentation.
  7. Clean up all directories of garbage.
  8. Make the tar files for distribution.
  9. Do a global setting of symbolic version number for this release.
  10. Backup the directory tree for posterity.