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30.13 Installation of CONGEN on VMS

The installation of CONGEN on VAX/VMS is a very straightforward process. The files are organized so that CONGEN can be installed by either a system manager or an individual user without privilege. There are only a few steps to be taken:

  1. The tape on which CONGEN is shipped contains a single saveset, CONGEN.BAC. Restore the tape while preserving the directory structure into a directory of your own choosing, e.g.
              $ BACKUP MUA0:CONGEN.BAC [CONGEN...]

    You will need about 100000 blocks to restore the saveset.

  2. Modify the file, [CONGEN.V2]CGDEFS.COM, to reflect your own directory structure.
  3. Change either the system site specific startup file, SYS$MANAGER:SYSTARTUP.COM, or your LOGIN.COM file to include a call to CGDEFS to set up logical names. Use an argument of SYSNAM or JOBNAM as appropriate.
  4. Change either the system LOGIN.COM file or your LOGIN.COM file to include a call to CGDEFS to define commands, thusly, `@CG:CGDEFS COMMANDS'
  5. You may wish to delete rarely used files such as the bulk of the test cases or source code object files.
  6. Copy the INFO files (congen, congen-*, flecsdoc, and flecsdoc-*) in CGD: into the GNU Emacs manual directory and modify the INFO directory file so GNU Emacs can access the CONGEN documentation.
  7. It is helpful if GNU Emacs is installed so you can read the documentation online.