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20.6.2 Making Plots of the Time Series or Correlation Functions

This PLOT option plots the time-series, correlation function or spectral density. There is no specific option to request any of these. But the program prompted by this command always plots the result of the last manipulation operation other than PLOT itself. As the first manipulation command it will plot the time series.

LP is used to get the lineprinter plot.
TEX was once used to get the plot on a Tektronix 4662 printer. This code no longer works.
PAGE is used for lineprinter plots to stay within a page.
FULL is used for lineprinter plots with a line per time interval.
SAMPLE allows the whole plot to be plotted in a page by sampling.
FIRST is to plot all points in the initial section of the plot in a page.

The defaults are LP, PAGE, SAMPLE.