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20.6.3 Manipulating the Time Series

The MANTIME option takes the time series that is active and performs the operation requested by the option and leaves the resultant time series as the active time series. This helps in performing various permutations of manipulations to increase the options without increasing the number of option commands.

Subtracts the average of the time series from all elements.
Normalizes the vectorial time series. (i.e. creates the unit vector).
Squares all the elements.
Obtains the cosine of all elements.
Calculates 3*cos**2 - 1 for all elements.
AVERAGE integer
Calculates the average for every n consecutive points and increases the time interval by a factor of n where n is the specified integer.
Obtains square root for all elements.
Subtracts the value of the first element from all elements.
DELTAN integer
Subtracts the value of the nth element from all where n is the specified integer.
Q(I) = Q(I) - <Q(I)>, I from 1 to N, from N+1 to N+N etc. (Check code on this)
Counts the number of oscillations in Q(T).
SAVE unit
Save the time series into the given Fortran I/O unit.
ADD unit
Add the time series read in the file specified by `unit' to the existing time series.
PROB integer
Give the probability to find a specific value of the time series. The integer specifies the number of subdivisions of the time series are considered.
Q(T) = LOG(Q(T))
Q(T) = real * Q(T)
Q(T) = Q(T) - QMIN. QMIN being the minimum of the time series.
Q(T) = ABS(Q(T))
Computes the norms of the vectors in the time series. The new time series contains these norms (VECCOD is set to 1).