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17.2.4 Print Table Options

This section describes options that pertain to both forms of table printing.

The SYSTEM option helps to further denote what is being printed out. The string specified by this option is printed along with the table's title at the top of each page.

The FRAC option gives the number of fractional digits in the format used to output data points in the table. The selection of formats used by the printing routine is automatic in that the width of the format is determined by the magnitudes of largest positive and negative numbers in the table. The default setting for FRAC depends on the table. If the table has just one property which is the NUMBER property or if pretty printing is done with a NUMBER property, the default value for FRAC is zero; otherwise, it is three.

The Fortran I/O unit on which the table is printed, the line size of ultimate print out device, and number of lines per page are all adjustable. Analysis Set Command, for more information.