Next: , Previous: Diris, Up: Displaying Sphere Drawings sphrgb — Convert to SGI RGB Format

sphrgb converts an image file to the Silicon Graphics RGB format. Silicon Graphics provides a large number of unsupported1 tools for manipulating these images. For example, you can create a series of snapshots of your system, and then use the movie program to display them sequentially at high speed. The tools are part of the 4Dgifts subsystem.

sphrgb expects two arguments as follows:

     sphrgb congen-image-file rgb-file

The size of image will be set to the size specified as the pixel dimensions in your XP and YP commands to CONGEN, see Transformations for Sphere Drawing, for more information. There is currently a limit of 4096 in the horizontal dimension for these images.


[1] as of Irix 3.3