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26.1.11 Displaying Pictures

There are five programs available for displaying images, diris for the Silicon Graphics Iris 4D workstations, sphrgb for converting images to Silicon Graphics Iris 4D RGB image format, DISPIMG and DISPMANY for the Deanza belonging to the Cardiac Unit, and DI340 for an Evans and Sutherland Picture System 340. DISPIMG, DISPMANY, and DI340 will currently work only on a VAX/VMS system, and are configured for the computer environment at Massachusetts General Hospital. All programs take files generated by the WI command, see Data Flows for Drawing Spheres, and send them to the appropriate device. They are defined as shell commands when correctly installed, see VMS Installation, and UNIX Installation, and are part of the support programs, see Support. DISPIMG and DI340 take a single file as an operand, and display the image stored therein. DISPMANY accepts a list of file names from SYS$INPUT: and displays them in sequence on the Deanza by overwriting the pixels without erasing the image first. This has the advantage of letting the eye see differences between two images.

In addition to DI340, there is a program, SLU, for setting the color lookup tables in the PS340 raster display.