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2 How to Use CONGEN

This chapter contains an overview of how to use CONGEN. CONGEN executes commands as they are read sequentially from a command file. In general the ordering of these commands is limited only by the requirement that each command must have all of its prerequisite data. For example, the energy cannot be calculated unless the arrays holding the coordinates, the parameters, etc., have already been filled. It is up to the user of program to ensure that everything is present, so it is vital to understand how the program works in order to use it correctly.

Although this manual is extensive, it does not provide much tutorial help in resolving questions about the program's operations. Also, there is not much guidance on how to deal with errors. The full source code for CONGEN is provided with the program, and it should be consulted if this manual does not provide answers to questions that arise with using the program.

This manual is available in on-line form. If you use GNUemacs and if the INFO form of this documentation has been installed, then the manual can be perused while you edit CONGEN input files. See UNIX Installation, or VMS Installation, for more information about the installing the on-line documentation.